Immunization Services Pharmacy Denver

Immunization Services Pharmacy Denver

Disease prevention is the cornerstone of the services we offer. We strive to safeguard the lives of our people by providing a convenient and accessible option for receiving immunizations. These vaccines are delivered by our expert APhA-certified pharmacists who are fully trained in immunization delivery.

Keep Yourself Protected with Our Specialized Immunization Services

Getting a vaccine shot is an easy way to protect you and your family. We go beyond being a traditional pharmacy and offer effective immunization services to our patients. Our immensely qualified pharmacists know which vaccine shot is right for you, depending on your age and health history.

We collect all the necessary information about our patients to determine which vaccinations may be indicated

The Vaccines We Offer

At RaphaRX, we contribute to public health by playing a major role in immunizations, by providng a wide rage of vaccinations including but not limited to;

– Flu
– Pneumonia
– Tetanus
– Shingles
– Meningitis
– Pertussis
– Hepatitis
– Chickenpox

We Are Your Immunization Experts

Our specialized staff can easily identify patients that are at greater risk and specific target groups for vaccination. We also offer the necessary advice and actively participate in the reminder call system to ensure that the vaccination schedules are met.

We are fully committed to administering vaccines safely and securing, completely adhering to the CDC guidelines. Prior to vaccination, we screen you for any symptoms. Our pharmacists observe all safety standards by wearing a face mask, protective gloves, and face shield.

So, get immunized before it’s too late. Call us today at our toll-free number to schedule an appointment.