Medication Therapy Management Denver

Medication Therapy Management Denver

At RaphaRx, we offer comprehensive medication therapy management (MTM) services to ensure that the medication you are taking is right for you. We analyze your health conditions to certify that the best possible outcomes from the ongoing treatment are achieved.

Benefits of Medication Therapy Management Services

The greatest benefit of medication therapy management is that it assists patients to obtain maximum value from their treatments by actively handling drug therapy and by detecting, avoiding, and solving medication-related issues.

Anyone using prescription and non-prescription medications or other health supplements can potentially benefit from MTM services. Among these, people who are taking several medicines or suffering from multiple health disorders are those who benefit the most. Additionally, people who have obtained medicines from different pharmacies can also opt for medication therapy management services.

Manage Your Health and Medications with Our Medication Therapy Management Services

Expert medication therapy management services help to optimize healing outcomes for individual patients.

Our MTM service comprises of four key elements:

– Medication therapy review: In this, we collect all patient information and assess patient therapy to pinpoint any discrepancies. The primary goal of this is to prepare a list of medication-related adverse effects and develop a meticulous plan to resolve them.
– Personal medication record and action plan: This helps us to create a comprehensive list of all the patient’s medications, including over-the-counter drugs, supplements, herbal products, etc. Based on the information, we help you to identify effective ways to track your progress from time to time.
– Intervention/ referral: If there is any serious discrepancy, we help you to devise the right solution. We can also refer you to the top doctors for consultation services.
– Documentation and follow up: A summary of the MTM service is neatly documented and a follow-up MTM visit is scheduled.

So if you have any queries related to your medication plan and wish to find alternatives for costly medications, get in touch with us today. Call us at our toll-free number 303-219-8801 to schedule an appointment.